Window Cleaning Franchise: The Industry

The window cleaning industry remains fragmented. It is comprised of many mom & pop shops and one-man operations with few dominant players in the industry. For serious entrepreneurs, there are real opportunities™ to grow solid businesses in each different market out there.

The industry varies greatly between the 3 main window cleaning niches.

1 - The Commercial Storefront Niche
2 - The Residential Niche
3 - The Commercial Corporate & High Rise Niche

The Squeegee Squad system has been built around all 3 niches and focuses primarily on the 2 most profitable being the residential and commercial corporate/high rise niches. This steady income of residential window cleaning jobs combined with large commercial accounts has proven to be a winning model.

The competition remains under developed and the marketplace remains ripe for a national/international player. Squeegee Squad is the only window cleaning franchise organization to successfully begin to dominate the corporate commercial & residential niches worldwide. Serious entrepreneurs are attracted to the model and are increasingly coming on board the Squad each year.

We’re still in the beginning stages of world domination, but I assure you… Squeegee Squad is a diamond in the rough. It’s only a matter of time!  Founder – Jack Ruegsegger

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