Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise Ranks #1 in Industry

Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise Ranks 1st in the Industry

Once again, Squeegee Squad corporate staff has researched the top three window cleaning franchises in the country.  After reviewing franchise disclosure documents we’ve concluded and are happy to report that Squeegee Squad remains at the top of the industry compared to other franchises for having the highest grossing franchise location!

  1. Squeegee Squad’s largest window cleaning franchise location – $2.65 million
  2. Competitor A’s largest window cleaning franchise location – $1.19 million
  3. Competitor B – Did not disclose revenue figures for franchise locations.

Squeegee Squad focuses on residential and large commercial clients giving this window cleaning franchise the highest earning potential compared to other brands.  “Competitor A” focuses on small commercial storefronts, while “Competitor B” only chooses to focus on residential services.  It is becoming less common these days for franchisors to not publish revenue figures for franchise locations and it is easy to speculate the conclusion that “Competitor B’s” revenue figures are not impressive enough to emphasize in their Item 19 financial performance representation.

2018 is going to be another great year for the Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise Nation!  Growth continues to occur and individual franchisee revenues continue to increase.  Squeegee Squad franchising was established later than the 2 other franchise brands, and still Squeegee Squad is beating the others because the business model is superior in the Squeegee Squad brands ability to generate higher revenues.

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Squeegee Squad Franchise vs. Independent Start-Up

Why join the Squeegee Squad Franchise System?   Why not start my own window cleaning business?

Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise owners come from a wide variety of work and business experience.  Each owner has understood the value of a national franchise brand prior to joining the Squad Nation.

Many existing window cleaning operators are critics of the Squeegee Squad Franchise system.  They ask questions like, “Why should I pay a royalty?  What’s in it for me?”  To answer these questions, let’s start by analyzing the gross revenues of Squeegee Squad compared to the industry as a whole.

2016 Squeegee Squad Gross Revenue Results

Although the Squeegee Squad franchise brand is relatively young in age, the gross revenue results appear quite different than the competition. The Squeegee Squad gross revenue figures demonstrate a stark contrast compared to the window cleaning industry competitors.

The following statistics look at all of the Squeegee Squad franchises who have been in business for four years or longer.

Squeegee Squad Yearly Gross Revenues: The Winner’s Stats

  • 100% have gross revenues of $100,000 or more per year
  • Many Squeegee Squad owners reach gross revenues between $300,000 – $700,000 after only five years in business
  • The largest Squeegee Squad owner grossed over $2.6 million in 2016

Competitor Yearly Gross Revenues*: The Sad Truth

  • 57% gross $60,000 or less per year
  • 76% gross $100,000 or less per year
  • Only 4% gross $200,000 or more per year

The majority of these window cleaning companies have been in business for over four years.  *2015 Window Cleaning Census

Other Observations about the Window Cleaning Competitors:

Competitor Staffing

  • 54% of window cleaning competitors have no staff
  • 83% have 0 to 3 employees

Competitor Capacity

  • 75% have 1 truck/crew
  • 91% have 2 trucks/crews or less
  • 3% have 4 or more trucks/crews

Competitor Websites

  • 11% of these window cleaners do not have a website
  • 56% either built their website themselves or had a friend do it
  • 28% actually hired an outside company to produce their website

Why choose Squeegee Squad vs. Going it Alone?

Many of the critics/competitors of Squeegee Squad who ask me this question will also ask questions like: Why would I pay a royalty to the franchise headquarters when I could just keep that money myself?  Headquarters would be taking 5% – 7% of my profit right?  What’s the benefit?

  1. Squeegee Squad Franchise owners typically charge more money and make higher profits than the competitors.
  2. A royalty is like a co-op with other franchise owners who all pay a cheaper rate for higher quality tangible business expenses:
    • Website
    • Proprietary Custom Software
    • Accounting Support
    • Sales & Marketing Support
    • Recruiting & Hiring Support
    • Finding Large Commercial Accounts & Government Contracts Support
    • And Much More
  3. The royalty fee does not actually make profit go down.  It makes expenses go down.  The royalty expense makes profit go up.
  4. Royalty paying Squeegee Squad Franchise owners receive a website worth tens of thousands of dollars.  They use proprietary custom software that corporate HQ has spent over $300,000 to develop.  They have access to real business owners for support who have experience building a multi-million dollar window cleaning business.  They do not value support from a random know it all competitor in a Facebook group who only grossed $43,000 last year in his window cleaning business.  Squeegee Squad franchise owners also network with each other and share information internally to gain competitive advantages against the competition.
  5. Squeegee Squad franchise owners have access to everything they need to grow a business include training, field support, webinars, sales materials, ongoing training, national convention, financial controls, and much more.

The Squeegee Squad franchise system is geared to grow a business.  It is not here to help a guy run a one man operation.  Squeegee Squad will continue to dominate the competition.

Squeegee Squad Development Stages:


Squeegee Squad Stage 1 Franchise


Squeegee Squad Stage 2 Franchise


Squeegee Squad Stage 3 Franchise


Please feel free to write to JoeR@SqueegeeSquad.com if you have any questions about starting your own Squeegee Squad Business. Territory is limited and selling out fast.

Contact JoeR@SqueegeeSquad.com if you would like to learn even more about how to start your own Squeegee Squad Franchise.

*2015 Window Cleaning Census (2016) Retrieved on 4/28/17: https://shopwindowcleaningresource.com/2015-window-cleaning-census-results.html

Squeegee Squad Celebrates at National Convention

Another record breaking year in the Squad Nation!

January 26th & 27th 2017 – Squeegee Squad owners traveled from across the country and gathered at the 5th annual Squeegee Squad  national convention in Clearwater Beach, FL.

97% of Squeegee Squad franchise owners crushed their previous year’s gross revenue and Squeegee Squad Corporate Headquarters is excited to publicly disclose the 2016 revenue figures in April.  It’s been another record breaking year!

In addition to the big corporate celebration, Squeegee Squad owners were able to earn industry required safety certifications and hear seminars on leadership and sales from people like Tom Coba, the former president of ServiceMaster Brands.   There were many other great sessions from vendor presentations to personality profiling for management training and development.

Stay tuned on our news blog here for announcements on our latest record breaking revenue figures in April!  Enjoy watching the convention highlight reel below.

If you are interested in learning more about owning your own Squeegee Squad Franchise please write to: JoeR@SqueegeeSquad.com.  Or visit Squeegee Squad University for more window cleaning franchise information.

Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise Remains at #1

Nation’s Largest Window Cleaning Franchise Location: Squeegee Squad

Once again, Squeegee Squad corporate staff conducted annual research to determine the top producing window cleaning franchise location in the world.  Of the top three window cleaning franchise organizations, the highest grossing franchise location award goes to Squeegee Squad!  

The Squad Nation does it again!!

Squeegee Squad’s highest producing franchise location topped off 2015 by grossing $2.45 million!  That’s more than double the nearest competitor’s reported $1.02 million gross in 2015.

Squeegee Squad remains at the top because it is the only brand in the country that maintains a focus on the top two revenue generating niches: residential and large commercial window cleaning.

The competition falls behind by only spending their time on low-priced commercial storefronts, and/or residential cleaning & window tint application.

The Squeegee Squad brand has provided services for hospitals, airports, stadiums, colleges, large government accounts, commercial campuses, schools, and even an aquarium in Tampa, Florida.

Together, the Squad Nation has built a reputable organization with credibility, references, and nationwide brand recognition!  High profile, commercial clients are seeking out Squeegee Squad in new markets.  New franchise owners are able to take advantage of the entire Squad Nation’s résumé.

Contact  JoeR@SqueegeeSquad.com if you are interested in learning more about owning your own Squeegee Squad business. Territories are limited and selling out.

Squeegee Squad Founder Featured on Fox News Radio

Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise is spotlighted on Pittsburgh’s 1320 WJAS Fox News Radio

fox-news-radio-logoThe Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise system’s co-founder, Joe Ruegsegger, has just been featured on 1320 WJAS’s “Start a Business Radio” with host Bruce Violette.  The show also airs on iHeart Radio Nationally.  Bruce contacted Joe recently as the Squeegee Squad business system would make an interesting segment for his listeners.  Squeegee Squad is a unique business as it involves a low cost initial investment to start a large service business.

Squeegee Squad is a  strong franchised business which has taken off in the franchising world with over 45 locations in 19 states since 2006.  The largest Squeegee Squad location grossed over $2.4 million in 2015.

Listen to 7 Minute Radio Interview with Joe Ruegsegger

Visit Squeegee Squad University for franchise information.

Squeegee Squad is Awarded in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500!

Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise is recognized in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2016 Franchise 500!

For the second time, Entrepreneur Magazine has recognized the Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise system in the 2016 Franchise 500. There are thousands of franchise brands across many industries and Squeegee Squad has been recognized as number 404!

You may not realize that a window cleaning franchise may be able to achieve this level of success, but Squeegee Squad has pioneered a business model that is unique to the window cleaning industry. In addition to the bread and butter residential niche focus, Squeegee Squad owners are able to bid and win the largest commercial contracts and accounts in their markets. The founders of the Squeegee Squad brand also have a unique philosophy toward franchise support. Squeegee Squad franchise owners have direct access to the founders of the organization via cell phone or text anytime. As national recognition continues, more and more entrepreneurs will hear about the Squeegee Squad opportunity in their local markets.

Available territory is limited.

Contact JoeR@SqueegeeSquad.com for franchise information.


Window Cleaning & Building Restoration Franchise?

Squeegee Squad in Tampa Lands a $419,000 Commercial Building Restoration Contract!

As Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise owners keep growing in their local markets, large commercial window cleaning contracts continue to come in around the country! Many large jobs include airports, government facilities, corporate campuses, college campuses, stadiums, and more. When the Squeegee Squad foot is in the door, other opportunities arise and bear fruit!

$419,000 Building Restoration Franchise Contract

Tom McDonough, the Squeegee Squad franchise owner in Tampa Florida, is on schedule to complete phase 3 of a window restoration & waterproofing contract with the Florida Aquarium. Tom and his crew have been removing old silicone and resealing joints on over 1,100 panes of glass on the upper dome of the aquarium roof.

aquariumAccording to Tom, phase 1 was completed in 2013 and took 2 months to complete for a total of $158,000. Phases 2 and 3 are on schedule to be completed in approximately 3 months for a total of $216,000. The job took a lot of planning before starting the renovation of the dome. Tom wrote the specifications for the job and the Hydrostop and Dow products had to be tested for adhesion prior to beginning. Once the job began, Tom utilized scaffolding and used rope access in order to access the roof of the dome. Tom also recently performed caulking for the Salvation Army headquarters in Tampa which consisted of resealing 320 windows and doors on the 3 story building which took 2 weeks for a total of $18,200.

Jack Ruegsegger, owner of the Squeegee Squad branch in Dallas Texas, also recently completed 3 new building restoration jobs this summer. According to Jack, Squeegee Squad in Dallas has completed:

  • Lubbock County Administration Building –
    • $70,000 in caulking, $14,000 in restoration of the glass.
    • 2 workers x 2 months.
    • $8,000 in materials.  $2600 in swing stage equipment rental.
  • Lubbock County Courthouse –
    • $68,500 in caulking and glass restoration. 
    • 2 workers x 1 month. 
    • $4,000 in materials.  $1300 in swing stage equipment rental.
  • Marc Building Irving Texas –  
    • $22,000 in building restoration and window cleaning. 
    • 2 workers x 1 month. 
    • $500 in chemicals.

Thanks for visiting! Learn more and/or email JoeR@SqueegeeSquad.com.caulking-texas

Squeegee Squad Expands in Texas and Florida!

Congratulations to the newest Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise Partners in Houston and Bradenton!

houston-window-cleaning-franchiseRichard Trukhin recently completed Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise training and is off and running in Houston Texas. Richard has the help of his father and uncle who have owned a successful commercial cleaning business for 15 years. Aside from all the other residential clients, the Houston team has already completed work at a large University and have already begun bidding on other large contracts. Congrats Richard!

florida-window-cleaning-franchiseMarcello Magno is the newest Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise owner. Marcello just completed his franchise training in September and already has a HOA contract worth $30,000 in Bradenton Florida with the help of Squeegee Squad Area Director Tom McDonough. Marcello is a Brazilian national who wanted to avoid a bad economy down south and relocate to sunny Florida. Marcello was a former executive for Nestle in Brazil. Congrats Marcello!

If you know anyone who is interested in starting a business please contact JoeR@SqueegeeSquad.com for details.

Largest Grossing Window Cleaning Franchise Location

Squeegee Squad Reports Largest Franchised Window Cleaning Business in the Country!

As most US franchise organizations have renewed their Franchise Disclosure Documents for 2015, Squeegee Squad corporate staff members have reviewed some industry disclosure documents and are glad to announce that Squeegee Squad appears to have the highest grossing window cleaning franchise location in the country! It also looks like Squeegee Squad Headquarters publishes the most transparent and complete financial figures per location according to the comparison of Item 19 financial performance representations.

The highest grossing Squeegee Squad Franchise location reported $2,250,881.27 in 2014 gross revenue.  This top Squeegee Squad location grew from $1,878,703.39 in 2013. The next window cleaning franchise competitor published their 2014 largest location’s revenue at $887,142, which was down from their 2013 published number of $948,024. This competitor only published their largest grossing unit total and did not publish totals of other units. The next largest window cleaning franchise competitor did not choose to publish any gross revenue figures at all.

As other organizations only focus on 1 or 2 of the 4 window cleaning niches, Squeegee Squad focuses on all 4. This includes the large commercial niche.  Squeegee Squad owners are able to go after large corporate clients,  government clients, and more. This additional focus allows Squeegee Squad franchise partners to have much greater gross revenue potential which can equate to much greater net profit potential.

 “I’m guessing that some of our franchise owners made more money than I did last year!…  LOL!  I love that!” – Co-Founder, Joe Ruegsegger.