31 Year Old Window Cleaning Franchise Owner Grosses Over $1.8 Million!

Partner Spotlight – Window Cleaning Franchise Owner Grosses over $1.8 million!

31 year old Joe Antonello started his Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise in January of 2006.  Fast forward to 2013 and he grossed over $1.8 Million Dollars(2013)!  It was actually $1,878,703.39 to be exact.

So how was this 31 year old able to achieve such large revenues?  Joe followed the Squeegee Squad system, and took the advice of his corporate partners, Jack and Joe Ruegsegger.  When Joe (Antonello) first started his Minneapolis based Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise, he battled sub-zero temperatures while knocking on residential doors all winter long.  Following training, Joe called his corporate support staff and Jack (Co-Founder) said, “Joe, the best way to spend your time right now is to knock on every single door that you can before the busy Spring hits.  Your business will grow!”  Joe had originally acquired a small territory in the Twin Cities market from Jack & Joe that was already producing around $120,000.  By the end of the year (2006), Joe’s aggressive direct sales efforts had approximately doubled his business to $239,360.84.

Big Dog AwardJoe called his corporate support staff regularly, followed the system, and took the advice.  As someone who had never run a business before (24 years old at the time in 2006), Joe was guided through the new challenges of learning how to hire and manage employees, market his business, and operate his Squeegee Squad Franchise.  Joe has won the Squeegee Squad “Big Dog Award” 2 years in a row now for having the highest gross revenue system-wide.

Great Job Joe!

If you would like more information about becoming a Squeegee Squad franchise partner, please email JoeR@SqueegeeSquad.com.

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  1. Great story. I enjoyed meeting you late last year here in Manhattan Beach, California. How is your daughter doing at UCSB. Hope all is well. Louie Pastor

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