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Window Cleaning Franchise Spotlight – Mel Zehm

Mel Zehm – Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise Owner in Western Wisconsin

Mel Zehm was in the business of mold & water damage restoration and general handyman services for several years.  Business was tough on his own and finding steady work for his team was always at the forefront of his mind.  After 3 months of diligence and discussion, Mel made the decision to join the Squeegee Squad family!  He is now thriving with the support of the Squeegee Squad systems and business model!

Opening his doors in the Spring of 2014, Mel is now leading his team into a strong second year!  Co-founder, Joe Ruegsegger, recently received a note from Mel noting his excitement about expansion and growth in year ahead and his great satisfaction with the success he has found following the Squeegee Squad system.  In addition to the great repeat residential business he has built, Mel reported successfully securing some major commercial contracts as well:

  • Bloomer Mayo Health System
  • New Richmond School District
  • Sacred Heart Hospital
  • University of Wisconsin River Falls
  • University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
  • several commercial accounts in the pipeline

Great job, Mel!  According to this Facebook post (screenshot below),  Mel is following the Squeegee Squad systems and creating satisfied customers everywhere he goes!

Window Cleaning Franchise Review

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Squeegee Squad Franchise has a Strong Start in 2015!

Meet the Newest Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise Partners

Squeegee Squad has just wrapped up the 2nd window cleaning franchise training session in 2015. Founders, Jack and Joe Ruegsegger are excited about the caliber and experience of the new partners.

Squeegee Squad’s newest partners include:

  1. Bob & Maureen Baxter in Omaha, NE and Sioux Falls, SD.  Bob and Maureen are experienced entrepreneurs who recently sold their furniture business that had roughly 70% market share. Bob was attracted to the aggressive corporate approach that already brought window cleaning contracts from the University of South Dakota and the City of Sioux Falls.
  2. Jared Thompson in Northwest Arkansas.  Jared is also a seasoned entrepreneur who owns several Dickey’s BBQ franchises as well as a TransWorld Business Broker Franchise. Jared is also seeing a strong start with the University of Arkansas window cleaning contract.
  3. Brian Longen in Cincinnati, OH.  Brian previously owned an independent window cleaning business and decided to convert to Squeegee Squad. Brian has already seen a big increase in revenue due to contracts with the Cincinnati Airport and the City of Cincinnati Library!
  4. Don Marton in Broward County, FL.  Don is also a very successful business owner who has a real estate brokerage on autopilot and previously sold his embroidery company that employed over 300 workers. Don has been keeping his eye on the Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise growth for over 8 years and decided that it was time to invest in his own franchise.

Here are a couple pics of the last Squeegee Squad franchise training session in March 2015!



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Tom, Joe, John, Jack & Danlami posing for a pic

Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise Convention 2015

Is that Jack Nicholson at the Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise convention?

Ok, ok, ok… the real Jack must have been at a Lakers game.  John Geenen is a Jack Nicholson impersonator and motivational speaker who addressed the Squad Nation on an essential topic that all business owners need to be reminded of from time to time.  John’s keynote titled “Jack up your Thinking” focused on a critical attribute that all business owners need to be…  A Positive Leader!  A Leader who acknowledges that perception is a matter of perspective.

If you are a successful business owner, then you probably have enjoyed the process of building your own company and you have learned to lead in an optimistic way.  Great leaders positively motivate partners, employees, and customers.  This leadership characteristic is highly valued in the Squeegee Squad corporate culture.

Most business owners thrive with help, guidance, counseling, and encouragement from others who have achieved success.  It is an advantage to have a group of Squeegee Squad partners who are all accomplishing goals and growing their own window cleaning franchise businesses.  If business ownership was easy, everyone would be doing it.  Unfortunately, fear drives many individuals who dream of owning their own business to never take the plunge into business ownership at all.  Fortunately, the franchise business model offers systems, help, and support from corporate partners who consider corporate success to be absolutely contingent on the success of each individual franchise partner locally.  Squeegee Squad partners are part of an exclusive club of hard working entrepreneurs who have been able to take the leap and participate in a positive and aggressive culture to achieve greater personal success.

The Squeegee Squad international window cleaning franchise convention on January 29th & 30th, was a great opportunity for all Squad Nation partners to gather, revive, network, and be encouraged.  Partners came to learn, build deeper strategic relationships, and set goals to propel them into 2015.  Squeegee Squad individuals came from all over the country and from as far as Lagos, Nigeria!

Other highlights included:

  • International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) – Safety Training & Certification
  • Window Cleaning Competition
  • Vendor Seminars & Cutting Edge New Product Demonstrations
  • Poolside Meetings
  • After Hours Fun & Networking
  • Banquet Dinner & More

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Announcing… Squeegee Squad’s Newest Partner in Fort Lauderdale!

Congratulations to our newest window cleaning franchise partner, Don Marton!

IMG_4603Don has been watching Squeegee Squad grow and has been speaking with Jack and Joe since 2006.  As the Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise brand has continued to grow and create more and more success among partners, Don decided that it was time to come on board himself in late 2014.

Don has a variety of business experience and has been very successful.  After operating and selling 3 dry cleaning businesses, Don started a successful embroidery factory that employed over 300 employees.  Since then Don sold that business and made the decision to come on board the Squeegee Squad team.  We are humble and excited to have the opportunity to work with Don and partner with him to dominate the Broward County market.  – Joe Ruegsegger

Don completed Squeegee Squad franchise training in late January in Tampa along with Jack, Joe, Steve, Tom, Tiffany and the rest of the Florida development staff.

Don attended training 3 days prior to the Squeegee Squad 2015 National Convention and enjoyed a hands on and classroom training including: window cleaning (Squeegee Squad style), operations, management, HR, Squadware (proprietary software), rope access & rigging, customer experience, and more.



Congrats to Squeegee Squad’s TJ Muncy for a big award!

Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise Partner in Lakeland Florida is Awarded the Florida Polytechnic University Pressure Washing Contract for $176,800 per Year!

On May 17th, 2011, after extensive research, diligence, and thought,  TJ Muncy made the life changing decision to sign a Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise license agreement.  TJ had been researching and internally debating the opportunity for over a year.  Although many people are not happy with their current job or business, sometimes the fear of unknown can cause analysis paralysis when researching an opportunity.  TJ was no different than anyone else and struggled with the fear of unknown for over a year before he made his bold decision to embark on a brighter future. This future included a better opportunity to build wealth and improve his lifestyle with greater flexibility.

Florida Polytechnic UniversityAfter TJ finally took the plunge, he had said that it was one of the best decisions that he has made in his life.  After his 3rd full year in business TJ has grown substantially.  And now, on January 5th, 2015, TJ learned that he was awarded with the Florida Polytechnic University pressure washing contract worth $176,800 per year!

Great Job TJ!  Congrats!  Keep on growing!  The best is yet to come!

If you are interested in learning more about owning your own Squeegee Squad Franchise please contact

31 Year Old Window Cleaning Franchise Owner Grosses Over $1.8 Million!

Partner Spotlight – Window Cleaning Franchise Owner Grosses over $1.8 million!

31 year old Joe Antonello started his Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise in January of 2006.  Fast forward to 2013 and he grossed over $1.8 Million Dollars(2013)!  It was actually $1,878,703.39 to be exact.

So how was this 31 year old able to achieve such large revenues?  Joe followed the Squeegee Squad system, and took the advice of his corporate partners, Jack and Joe Ruegsegger.  When Joe (Antonello) first started his Minneapolis based Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise, he battled sub-zero temperatures while knocking on residential doors all winter long.  Following training, Joe called his corporate support staff and Jack (Co-Founder) said, “Joe, the best way to spend your time right now is to knock on every single door that you can before the busy Spring hits.  Your business will grow!”  Joe had originally acquired a small territory in the Twin Cities market from Jack & Joe that was already producing around $120,000.  By the end of the year (2006), Joe’s aggressive direct sales efforts had approximately doubled his business to $239,360.84.

Big Dog AwardJoe called his corporate support staff regularly, followed the system, and took the advice.  As someone who had never run a business before (24 years old at the time in 2006), Joe was guided through the new challenges of learning how to hire and manage employees, market his business, and operate his Squeegee Squad Franchise.  Joe has won the Squeegee Squad “Big Dog Award” 2 years in a row now for having the highest gross revenue system-wide.

Great Job Joe!

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Best first quarter yet for the Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise!

Squeegee Squad momentum builds in 2014.

As Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise co-founder, Joe Ruegsegger, concludes another marketing support visit in Peoria, IL (video below), founders Jack & Joe Ruegsegger reflect on the state of the organization.  “So far, things are falling into place and momentum continues to build!”, says Jack Ruegsegger.  As critical mass has strengthened this emerged window cleaning franchise, new partners come in droves.

“The biggest challenge at this stage of the game is our effort to ensure the entrepreneurial spirit and discern who surely will represent the organizational philosophies and commit to grow large window cleaning businesses…  and dominate the local markets!” – Joe Ruegsegger.

9 New Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise Partners so far (1st qtr) in 2014!

  1. Fernando Artaega – Dallas, TX
  2. Merry Maids, George Sloyer (Mgr) – Wichita, KS
  3. Jim Reynolds – Mankato, MN
  4. Mel Zehm – Hudson/Eau Claire, WI
  5. Isaac Hawkes – Phoenix, AZ
  6. Keith Chapman – Phoenix, AZ
  7. Pat O’Neill – Peoria, IL
  8. Jason Predmore – St. Petersburg, FL
  9. Jack & Joe Ruegsegger (new corporate location) – Dallas, TX


Squeegee Squad franchise partners are able to enjoy the references and credibility that the Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise brand name offers.  There are currently 43 Squeegee Squad partners in 17 states and from Brazil to Panama all the way to Nigeria who are all growing and dominating!

For more information about starting a Squeegee Squad business, please contact for details, advice or support.

Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise – 2014 National Convention

Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise – National Convention Highlights…

The Squad Nation international window cleaning franchise organization has emerged as a leader in the industry with over 35 locations in 17 states and in 4 countries.  Squeegee Squad headquarters hosted their 2nd annual national convention in Clearwater Beach Florida.

IWCA Safety Seminar

IWCA Safety Seminar

Although there was lots of fun and networking, Squad Owners all had the opportunity to take advantage of corporate sponsored safety training conducted by the IWCA (International Window Cleaning Association).  Jack Evans (IWCA former president) and Stefan Bright (IWCA safety director) joined the event and conducted residential and commercial window cleaning safety training.  Squeegee Squad partners continued to learn and practice:

  • Pre-Work Site Safety Assessments: Planning Ahead
  • Overall Safety: Including Chemical Use
  • Extension Pole & Ladder Safety
  • Equipment Inspection & Maintenance
  • Fall Protection
  • Use, Care and Maintenance of Rope Descending Systems
  • Identifying Anchorage Points & Basic Rigging Techniques
  • Self Rescue Training
  • Aerial Lift Training
Squeegee Squad Lift Training

Squeegee Squad Lift Training

Squeegee Squad partners value safety and strive to remain on the cutting edge of OSHA guidelines and best practices.  Proper training is frequent and is an ongoing effort.  Commercial window cleaning clients value the safety and credibility that Squeegee Squad brings to local job sites.

As Squeegee Squad not only serves the residential window cleaning niche but also leads the industry serving large commercial and government clients, safety and training remain a core value in the Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise system.

Other Squeegee Squad Franchise Convention Highlights…

It has been another great year of strong growth for Squeegee Squad owners as well as at headquarters.  Convention seminars stressed good marketing techniques in balance with good employee hiring & management techniques; two big components to success.  HQ has been focusing on ways to disseminate philosophy and gain competitive advantages in these core areas of the Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise system.  Many growth awards were given this year as well!

Watch below for video highlights!

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