Best first quarter yet for the Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise!

Squeegee Squad momentum builds in 2014.

As Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise co-founder, Joe Ruegsegger, concludes another marketing support visit in Peoria, IL (video below), founders Jack & Joe Ruegsegger reflect on the state of the organization.  “So far, things are falling into place and momentum continues to build!”, says Jack Ruegsegger.  As critical mass has strengthened this emerged window cleaning franchise, new partners come in droves.

“The biggest challenge at this stage of the game is our effort to ensure the entrepreneurial spirit and discern who surely will represent the organizational philosophies and commit to grow large window cleaning businesses…  and dominate the local markets!” – Joe Ruegsegger.

9 New Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise Partners so far (1st qtr) in 2014!

  1. Fernando Artaega – Dallas, TX
  2. Merry Maids, George Sloyer (Mgr) – Wichita, KS
  3. Jim Reynolds – Mankato, MN
  4. Mel Zehm – Hudson/Eau Claire, WI
  5. Isaac Hawkes – Phoenix, AZ
  6. Keith Chapman – Phoenix, AZ
  7. Pat O’Neill – Peoria, IL
  8. Jason Predmore – St. Petersburg, FL
  9. Jack & Joe Ruegsegger (new corporate location) – Dallas, TX


Squeegee Squad franchise partners are able to enjoy the references and credibility that the Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise brand name offers.  There are currently 43 Squeegee Squad partners in 17 states and from Brazil to Panama all the way to Nigeria who are all growing and dominating!

For more information about starting a Squeegee Squad business, please contact for details, advice or support.

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