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Squeegee Squad in Tampa Lands a $419,000 Commercial Building Restoration Contract!

As Squeegee Squad window cleaning franchise owners keep growing in their local markets, large commercial window cleaning contracts continue to come in around the country! Many large jobs include airports, government facilities, corporate campuses, college campuses, stadiums, and more. When the Squeegee Squad foot is in the door, other opportunities arise and bear fruit!

$419,000 Building Restoration Franchise Contract

Tom McDonough, the Squeegee Squad franchise owner in Tampa Florida, is on schedule to complete phase 3 of a window restoration & waterproofing contract with the Florida Aquarium. Tom and his crew have been removing old silicone and resealing joints on over 1,100 panes of glass on the upper dome of the aquarium roof.

aquariumAccording to Tom, phase 1 was completed in 2013 and took 2 months to complete for a total of $158,000. Phases 2 and 3 are on schedule to be completed in approximately 3 months for a total of $216,000. The job took a lot of planning before starting the renovation of the dome. Tom wrote the specifications for the job and the Hydrostop and Dow products had to be tested for adhesion prior to beginning. Once the job began, Tom utilized scaffolding and used rope access in order to access the roof of the dome. Tom also recently performed caulking for the Salvation Army headquarters in Tampa which consisted of resealing 320 windows and doors on the 3 story building which took 2 weeks for a total of $18,200.

Jack Ruegsegger, owner of the Squeegee Squad branch in Dallas Texas, also recently completed 3 new building restoration jobs this summer. According to Jack, Squeegee Squad in Dallas has completed:

  • Lubbock County Administration Building –
    • $70,000 in caulking, $14,000 in restoration of the glass.
    • 2 workers x 2 months.
    • $8,000 in materials.  $2600 in swing stage equipment rental.
  • Lubbock County Courthouse –
    • $68,500 in caulking and glass restoration. 
    • 2 workers x 1 month. 
    • $4,000 in materials.  $1300 in swing stage equipment rental.
  • Marc Building Irving Texas –  
    • $22,000 in building restoration and window cleaning. 
    • 2 workers x 1 month. 
    • $500 in chemicals.

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