Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise Ranks #1 in Industry

Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise Ranks 1st in the Industry

Once again, Squeegee Squad corporate staff has researched the top three window cleaning franchises in the country.  After reviewing franchise disclosure documents we’ve concluded and are happy to report that Squeegee Squad remains at the top of the industry compared to other franchises for having the highest grossing franchise location!

  1. Squeegee Squad’s largest window cleaning franchise location – $2.65 million
  2. Competitor A’s largest window cleaning franchise location – $1.19 million
  3. Competitor B – Did not disclose revenue figures for franchise locations.

Squeegee Squad focuses on residential and large commercial clients giving this window cleaning franchise the highest earning potential compared to other brands.  “Competitor A” focuses on small commercial storefronts, while “Competitor B” only chooses to focus on residential services.  It is becoming less common these days for franchisors to not publish revenue figures for franchise locations and it is easy to speculate the conclusion that “Competitor B’s” revenue figures are not impressive enough to emphasize in their Item 19 financial performance representation.

2018 is going to be another great year for the Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise Nation!  Growth continues to occur and individual franchisee revenues continue to increase.  Squeegee Squad franchising was established later than the 2 other franchise brands, and still Squeegee Squad is beating the others because the business model is superior in the Squeegee Squad brands ability to generate higher revenues.

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