Window Cleaning Franchise: The Industry

The window cleaning industry remains fragmented. It is comprised of many mom & pop shops and one-man operations with few dominant players in the industry. For serious entrepreneurs, there is an opportunity to grow large Squeegee Squad window cleaning businesses in every market out there.

The industry varies greatly between the 3 main window cleaning niches.

1 - The Commercial Storefront Niche
2 - The Residential Niche
3 - The Commercial Corporate & High Rise Niche

The Squeegee Squad system has been built around all 3 niches and focuses primarily on the 2 most profitable being the residential and large commercial niches. This steady income of residential window cleaning jobs combined with large commercial accounts has proven to be a winning model.

The competition remains under developed and the marketplace remains ripe for a national/international player. Squeegee Squad is the only window cleaning franchise organization to successfully begin to dominate the corporate commercial & residential niches worldwide. Serious entrepreneurs are attracted to this model and are increasingly coming on board the Squad each year.

The Squeegee Squad Model:

1. Is a Low Cost Franchise Investment
2. Offers Frequent Repeat Business
3. Is Recession Resistant

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Jared Thompson Talks about the competition in the industry…

The Squeegee Squad business Model is a low cost investment and offers repeat business which allows franchise owners to scale up and grow a large business over time.