Window Cleaning Franchise: Support

According to the US Department of Commerce only 62% of independent businesses survive the first year while 95% of franchise businesses are still around after year 1.

A gallop poll found that after 5 years… 25% of independent businesses are still left while 94% of franchise businesses are still alive and kicking!

Business counseling and support systems are a key component to franchise success.

"Technology has really changed over the last 10 years and it is really easy to provide advice, guidance, and support in other markets. I find myself efficiently texting, emailing, talking, and helping our franchise partners every day and sometimes every minute (smile) with great ease due to our ability to take advantage of technology and give great support directly from us. The appropriate use of technology goes a long way to provide world-class support!"  Founder – Joe Ruegsegger

Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Franchise Support begins from the moment you begin your partnership. And sometimes even before…

"Jack scored a very large account for me before I even signed the agreement!"  Jim Matts – Denver Squad Owner

Upon joining the Squad you will receive your new email address. You will receive a welcome email with instructions and access to all of the web-based support tools, training videos, documents, safety procedures, etc. etc. Training begins before you even come to training.

After completing a solid & intense week of training at headquarters, a representative will come to your home city to help you start building relationships and show you how to aggressively market your territory.

After training, the Squeegee Squad founders and staff are accessible directly as needed and diligently devote 1st priority to every need of the Squeegee Squad Franchise Partners.

"I was out riding around Chicago with one of my friends who owns another franchise (other than Squeegee Squad). He complained a little about how when he calls his support staff, it's tough to get a hold of them and it takes a long time to return calls. I then picked up my phone— Called Joe's cell and he answered immediately!"  Mike Schnyders — Chicago Squad Owner

Joe's Response…

Man… I'm sure glad I picked up the phone Mike! Ha, Ha, Ha!  Founder – Joe Ruegsegger

Squeegee Squad is serious about giving great support not just by providing cutting edge business systems, but by giving high priority to the needs of each and every franchise partner in the system.

Contact us Now for more information. You'll have a chance to talk directly with the founders and learn how Squeegee Squad could be a perfect fit for you!

Other facets of Squeegee Squad support include:

  • A proven system
  • Proprietary web-based software: Squadware™ 3.0
  • Remote access computer support & training
  • Niche market/repeat business model
  • Marketing materials
  • Employee Management (HR program)
  • Sales Program
  • Internet advertising programs & support
  • Confidential operations manual
  • Training at headquarters & at your location with you
  • We'll show you how to gain clients immediately!
  • Networking with other Squeegee Squad owners
  • Personal web-site within the Squeegee Squad corporate site
  • Huge market – homeowners, builders, businesses, management companies, realtors, and homeowner associations, churches, and schools
  • OSHA compliance & safety training
  • Initial and ongoing support
  • Annual convention
  • Bidding & estimating system
  • Protected territory
  • Trademarked Squeegee Squad brand name
  • RFP monitoring & finding large jobs for you
  • Supplier & vendor relationships & discounts
  • National references & national recognition
  • Most Importantly… A Real Partnership™ to help grow your business
  • Advice, Guidance, & Support from competitive partners that are in the trenches fighting and winning!

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